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On the rare occasion that I go to my local gym I often take a peak at what the personal trainers are doing with their clients. I do it to both observe as well as learn. Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised at some of the good things I see going on. Most often I am incredibly “under-whelmed” to see how unprofessional the trainers are and how disengaged they are from the client who is paying them good money for their services.

Recently, I was so shocked at a training situation that was so going so poorly I wanted to take my phone out snap a photo. Unfortunately, I left in my locker so a picture of this instance is not available. Here is my description of what occurred.

The trainer brought client over to a step that was set about 30” inches high. That is about twice standard height for a step. He then asked his client to perform step-ups. This exercise requires placing one foot on the step and pushing off the rear foot until you have lifted your body so both feet are on the step. It is standard to set a step at 12” or 18”. The client was visibly struggling. It is not unusual for a trainer to work with a client who is being challenged by an exercise. Actually that is part of the job. What was strange to me was that as the client was struggling the “trainer” was sitting in a chair leaned back with his hands perched behind his head.

About fifteen minutes later the trainer returned to the same spot with new client. Once again he had the client perform the same step-up on the same 30” step. True to form he leans back and assumes his previous position. As before, the client is struggling. This time the client tells the trainer that this may be too hard because the step is too high for him.

This must have been serious situation because it actually prompted the trainer to stand up. He faces the client and says: “When I do it my step 4 inches higher.” Then he sits down and assumes his previous position. I’m sure that the client would have loved to stand on the step, jump off and drop kick the trainer right in the face! Unfortunately, this type of service (if you really want to refer to it as such) is all too common.

This stuff never happens at The Body House.
Come join us.
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Hire a serious and professional trainer.

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