Shake weight

Just this past week my son was in my studio hanging out with me. At three years old he’s a little limited with what he can lift. He picked up  a 3 pound dumbbell put it up in front of him with both hands and began to shake it up and down. And I’m thinking to myself, “oh my God, he’s doing the shake  weight commercial.” Many different nonsensical  pieces of exercise equipment has graced our TVs televisions over the last couple of decades, but there are few more nonsensical and sillier than the shake weight.

It I love the fact that they have come up with the nebulous term “dynamic inertia.” Does anybody know what that means?  Dynamic means “of or relating to energy or objects in motion.” Inertia means “the tendency of a body to preserve its state of rest or uniform motion unless acted upon by an external force.”  so we can summarize dynamic inertia as placing something in motion and keeping it in motion. This opens up to questions. First, do you need this particular apparatus to do that? And what does that have to do with looking like the model in the commercial?

The answers to those questions are respectively “no” and “nothing!” You see, this is just another gimmick. This is another way for clever marketers to convince people that  results can come quick and easy. I love the little  graph and animations they utilize to demonstrate how this thing can generate greater attention and resistance than regular conventional exercise. I have yet to find third-party research to verify this as the case. To tell you the truth, I haven’t looked that hard. Why! Because I don’t think it really matters. I know what this thing is. It’s been inexpensively produce piece of equipment that has captured the imaginations of people looking for a quick fix. For this reason you can find it in popular sporting good stores, department stores, vitamin and nutrition shops, and I even saw them in Walgreens this past week.

So obviously this thing must be making headway if it has permeated so many different distribution channels. It’s another way to make a short-term fitness  buck. It will have its time and then it will be gone.  Soon it’ll be in the basement with the other fitness equipment that made big promises and didn’t work. If you already have one then don’t let me stop you from shaking away. Even if it doesn’t tone your arms and legs like the models in the commercial at least it can provide you with some NC-17 rated amusement.

In the meantime here is my plight. Here I am a veteran fitness professional with the sun that thinks you’re supposed to pick up dumbbells and shake them. I guess I have my work cut out for me. I hope he doesn’t throw a tantrum when I tell him that 6 minutes a day won’t cut it.

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