A shot in the butt

steroid-injections-1We are living in an interesting time. There are now words in the American vocabulary like “Enron”, “Tyco”, “Performance Enhancement drug”, “Bernie Madoff” and the list goes on and on. It makes me wonder if anything is real anymore. You see a guy or girl driving a beautiful car and you wonder was that obtained from corporate buy out money that left stock holders losing their life’s savings. If you see someone with a terrific physique was that the result of chemical enhancement. It makes me wonder.

I can recall the old Smith Barney commercials. They would say “We earn our money the old fashion way… we earn it.” Are we earning our results anymore? Or the question: Are top people earning their results? I’m ranting because I am disturbed by this recent occurrence with A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) coming out and admitting he used steroids. I honestly believe that his account of what happened is a quagmire of truth, half-truth and bold face lies. And I believe that it is a sign of the times. The attitude is cheat and it only matters if you get caught. don’t worry about who you mow over that is their problem for playing straight. Bernie Madoff STOLE $50 BILLION and continues to live in ‘Penthouse’ arrest only because he was an ambitious and accomplished thief while those he robbed are wondering how they can recover from financial devastation. I could go on.

However, I want to make this point. Whether it is financial gain, fitness, weight loss, relationships whatever wouldn’t you agree it is better to go one step at a time and build strength and character at the same time. There is no real short cut. There are effective processes. There are effective programs, but there are no real short cuts to long term result. I say be in it to win for the long run. What do you think?

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