Antonio Update

I am writing this as I sit here in the hospital after spending another night next to baby Antonio. He has been sleeping for about 14 hours. I didn’t see him awake for more than 45 minutes yesterday. The doctors say that he won’t be going home Sunday, probably Monday.

It looks like the worst has come and gone. He will be in need of continued home treatment so I know my schedule will have to adjust in order accommodate him. My wife and I will gladly do all we can. We are incredibly grateful for all the prayers, thoughts and wishes for Antonio’s recovery. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

I learned such a tremendous lesson being here in the hospital. When Antonio was taken out of Intensive Care we were placed in a room with another baby about three months younger than him. She is an itty-bitty thing. It didn’t take long to see that no one was there for here. In contrast, my little guy has someone with him 24/7. The nurses come in to dress her, they hold her, they pass her around and they talk to her. However, no family shows up.

A nurse who came in to give Antonio his treatment said to me “What a shame. She has no family.” I replied, “Really. I haven’t seen anyone here for her.” “Yes she was in a foster home and she was abused. I don’t see how anyone could do that.” “Oh that’s what the all bandages are for. Wow. How could someone do that?”

I glanced over at the little baby girl. Her name is Tina. As I walked over to say “hello”, she covered her face with her forearm as if to guard herself. When I looked at her closer I could see the wounds through her bandages. I could see that she had been burned on her hands, thighs and torso.

When Antonio was on the doctor’s table struggling to breathe I prayed over him and asked God, “Please take care of my son and I promise I will do something in return in your name.” The diagnosis was Bronchiolitis. They still don’t know what caused it, but they know his condition was serious. Had we not acted when we did his system would have eventually gotten tired and he would have not have been able to continue breathing. As scary as this was still grateful because our boy is with us.

I know this blog is supposed to be about exercise, health and good living, but there are bigger things than reps and sets. I believe that I have a new mission. I don’t know exactly what I am to do, but I do know I am to do something. When I reached out to my network, I got no less that one hundred responses of good wishes. Little Tina has no one. My family and my son are truly blessed. I am convinced that my little monster is out of the woods. He has a support system. He will be fine. He came home last night and my wife and I will rearrange our lives to get him back to 100%. However, I have been touched by Tina and other children like her. I know I must do something.

Once again, to all you who have taken time from their busy holiday schedules to think about my family I repeat: Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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