BIG… scam


It seems as though the truth has ridden to the top regarding the mystery of “male enhancement”.

Steve Warshak, the CEO of Berkeley Premium Nutraceuticals was sentenced to 25 years for consumer fraud just about 1 year ago. I am sure you have seen his popular smiling Bob commercials for the product, enzyte.

This just another instance of big marketing machines preying of people and making millions through false claims. My mother always said “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”  Once again millions of people tried to settle for the quick fix and the “take a pill” solution.

Hey anyone could find find themselves feeling desperate about feeling deficient somehow. However, very rarely is the “miracle” the correct long term answer.  Here are more details: more info .

I have one quick question. If he was found guilty of consumer fraud, why are the commercials still on television?
What are your thoughts?

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