The Obama Workout

Here is a scene of Barack Obama walking out of the gym two days after being elected the future president of the United States of America. The guy becomes arguably the most powerful man on the planet and he still heads for the gym. Doesn’t it seem like he should either still be celebrating or working 24/7. Instead he continues with his regimen of consistent exercise. Having accomplished many intellectual pursuits in his life, it seems as though Obama is demonstrating even greater intellectual prowess by continuing his practice of vigorous exercise. The recently released documentary entitle The Brain Fitness Program states that exercise is one of the best habits one can acquire if the desired outcome is increased thinking capacity.

I have personally worked with a great number of professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs, doctors and attorneys etc. These are very intelligent people. They almost instinctively understand the importance of exercise because it helps them think more clearly.

This documentary gets right down to the science of the matter and proves this is true. It seems as though exercise helps to keep blood flowing throughout the entire body and that consistent and progressive flow of oxygen and nutrients to the brain helps keep it functioning at tip-top condition.

Therefore, the old adage of strong body, strong mind is not some empty platitude, but a living breathing truth that holds the keys to a sharper and highly functioning mind. So it doesn’t matter what your preference is. The true key is to get out there and move your body. You don’t have to play pick up basketball like Obama does, but to get the brain fitness results you have to get out they and do something physical.

Now that you see the President elect is doing it you can relinquish your excuse for not having time. Yes, it does take time to get dressed, travel, train, shower, get dressed again and travel again. However, the benefits so far outweigh the efforts that I know you will find it worth your time.

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