BreakthroughAfter only two episodes NBC has officially pulled the plug on the T.V. show, Breakthrough with Tony Robbins. No matter what you think of him, even a tiny bit of investigation will reveal that this guy has helped a tremendous about of people. After three decades of assisting individuals discover their true potential he finally got his chance at a prime time program.

The story seems to be that only 2.8 million people watched the last episode. As a result, NBC has determined that the show is not commercially viable. I guess that business is business. Part of me understands and part of me is quite disturbed. Am I bringing up a child in a world devoid of hope?

From the outside looking in, Tony Robbins has generated an army of minions who require his energy and motivation to function. In truth, he has dynamically assisted people who are already achievers and in search of accomplishment on another level. Therefore, I was personally very excited about his show. Having been a student of his programs for twenty years I know that this is precisely what the country needs right now during these challenging times. The theme of the show was to take people who are in desperation and chronicle the process of them experiencing a breakthrough in only 30 days. I watched the first two episodes and thought they were tremendously inspirational. I loved them.

The fact that a prime time show of this magnitude had failed so quickly is in my opinion an indictment of the American public. In a world where Jersey Shore is a huge hit and in its second season, how can a program granting inspiration and motivation laced with the theme of human possibility find itself failing so miserably.

To me this is not about Tony Robbins. It’s about us taking control of our own futures. I am pondering whether we as a society have become so apathetic that we have given up on each other, our hopes and our dreams. Is Breakthrough with Tony Robbins “the end all be all” to becoming happy, healthy and wise? Not necessarily. However, I am convinced the intention was for it to be tool to be utilized for a positive result. The fact this was underused is symbolic of what is going on in this great country of ours right now.

I leave you with this question: Are you really doing all you can do to get what you really want?

Let me know your thoughts.

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