Holiday Pounds

A recent study showed that the average American puts on 8 lbs during the holiday season.

It makes sense. When Halloween arrives must of us begin with eating candy. This rolls right into Thanksgiving and slides into Christmas season and of course New Years.

Here’s some ways to beat those holiday pounds.

  1. Keep a commitment to an exercise program
  2. Join a boot camp program
  3. Start keeping a journal of what you eat
  4. Plan your eating to accommodate your social commitments
  5. Find an accountability partner
  6. Set a weight goal and put it in writing
  7. Purchase a great outfit that you have to get into shape for
  8. Empty all the junk food from your refrigerator and cabinets
  9. Hire a qualified trainer to assist you in creating you exercise plan
  10. Decide not to go shopping when you are hungry
  11. Create a collection of motivational music
  12. Pick a great a motivational book to read
  13. Choose some great motivational movies to watch (Rocky, Rudy, Men of honor, GI Jane, Forrest Gump etc)
  14. Choose to believe
  15. Get started
  16. Never Give up

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